DRTA Lesson Plans

DRTA Lesson Plan for
Duck for President

To begin:

Read title, author, and illustrator.

What do you think this story is about?

Picture Walk:

Pages 1-4

What is going on in this picture? (The animals are looking at the dirty and smelly farmer.)
What does the sign say? (It gives the chores of the animals.)
What do you think is going to happen?

Pages 5-8

What do the animals look like they have been doing? (Working, they are covered in dirt and grass.)
Do the animals like doing there chores? (No, they think that the farmer needs to go.)
What do you think will happen next?

Pages 9-12

What does the farmer see? (A note that says “Vote Duck.”)
What does the farmer see at the barn? (The animals getting ready to vote.)
Is the farmer happy about this?

Pages 13-16

Looking at the sign, who wins the election? (Duck.)
What do you think will happen at the farm now?
Is Duck happy he won the election? (Yes.)

Pages 17-20

Now that Duck is in charge of the farm, what does he look like? (He’s dirty)
What does Duck want to do now? (Run for governor.)
Do you think he will win and how is he planning to win? (Giving speeches and talking to people.)

Pages 21-24

What happens when the governor see that Duck beat her? (She is shocked.)
Do you think Duck will do a good job being governor?

Pages 25-28

Does Duck look like he enjoys being governor? (No.)
How does he plan to get out of being governor? (He is going to run for President.)
Do you think he will win?

Pages 29-32

What’s going on on page 29 and 30? (People are voting to see who the President is going to be.)
Who won the Presidency? (Duck.)
Do you think Duck will like this job?

Pages 33-36

What is Duck doing? (Reading the paper, looking at the want ads.)
What is going on at the farm?  (The farmer is doing chores.)
Do you think they miss Duck?

Page 37

Who is on the computer? (Duck.)
Where is he? (At the farm, playing on the computer.)


Read pages 1-4


Chores- a job, to clean up or work

Who has the most chores? (Farmer Brown and Duck)
Do you think the animals like doing chores?  Do you think Farmer Brown like to do chores?

Read Pages 5-8

How do the animals look after a day of doing chores? (Nasty and tired.)
Why does Duck not like doing chores? (He doesn’t like picking grass and espresso beans out of  his feathers.)
What does Duck do? (He wants to hold an election.  He thinks Farmer Brown is not the one who should be in charge.)
What do you think is going to happen?


election- to vote to see who wins, and in this case who is going to be in charge of the farm

Read Pages 9-16

What was going on at the barn? (Duck made posters that said, “Vote Duck” and was registering the animals so that they could vote.)
Does Farmer Brown look happy with all this? (No.)
Who won the election? (Duck.)


Furious- to be very mad
Registration- to sign up for something
Protested- to go against something or someone
Ballot- a piece of paper to vote for someone or something

Pages 17-24

What does Duck think about running a farm now? (It’s very hard work, he doesn’t like doing it.)
What does Duck think he would like to do now? (Run for governor.)
How does Duck try to win votes? (He gave speeches, shakes hands with people, and goes to town meetings.)
Who wins the election? (Duck.)
Do you think Duck will like his new job?

Pages 25-30

Does Duck like being governor? (No.)
What does he decide to do now? (Run for President.)
How does he try to win the Presidency? (Kisses babies, gave speeches, was on tv, and rode in parades.)
Who won the election? (Duck.)
Do you think Duck will be happy with this job?

Pages 31-34

Does Duck like being President? (No.)
What does Duck decided to do now? (Check the help wanted ads.)
What do you think Duck will do next?

Pages 35-37

Where is Duck going? (Back to the farm.)
What has Farmer Brown been doing? (Running the farm and doing chores.)
What is Duck doing? (Writing his life story.)

autobiography- a story that tells about a person’s  life.


Frog and Toad DRTA Lesson
The Garden

Read the title:  “The Garden”

What do you think this chapter is about?

Go through the pictures.  Make assumptions about the story and what is going to happen.

Page 19
What is going on in the picture?

Page 20-21
What is Toad doing on page 20?
What is lying on the ground beside of Toad’s foot?  What do you think is in the small bag?

Page 21
What is Toad doing now?

Page 22-23
Page 22
What is Toad doing on the ground?
Page 23
What are Frog and Toad doing?  Where do you think they are going?

Page 25
What is Toad doing?  Why do you think he is outside with the candles and his book?

Page 26-27
In the three illustrations, what is Toad doing?  Does he look like he is having fun?
Page 27
What happened to Toad?

Page 28-29
Page 28
Who came over to Toad’s?  What do they see?
What happened to Toad’s garden?
Page 29
Why is Toad wiping his brow?  Do you think he is happy with his garden?

DRTA Reading Portion:

Part One:  Pages 18-19

What is Frog doing? (Working in his garden)
What did Frog give Toad?  (Flower seeds)
What did Frog tell Toad to do with the seeds?
What do you think will happen?

Part Two:  Pages 20-21

What did Toad do with the seeds? (Plant them)
How did Toad try to get the seeds to grow? (He told them to grow)
Does this work? (No)
What do you think will happen next?

Part Three:  Pages 22-23

What did Toad do when the flowers did not grow? (He held at them to grow)
Who came over to Toad’s home and what did he say? (Frog.  He said that Toad was shouting too much)
What did the two friends do next? (They went for a walk)
What did Frog tell Toad?  To leave the seeds alone, let the sun shine on them, and let the sun shine on them)
What will happen next?

Part Four:  Pages 24-25

Why did Toad go outside? (He thought that the seeds were scared of the dark)
What did he do when he went outside? (He read his seeds a long story)
Do you think this will help the seeds grow?

Part Five:  Pages 26-27

What did Toad do to help his flowers grow? (He sang to them, read poems to them, and played music for them)
Did the seeds come up? (No)
Why did Toad think the seeds were not coming up? (He thought they were frightened)
What does the word frightened mean? (Scared)
What do you think will happen next?

Part Five:  Pages 26-27

What did Toad see when he woke up? (That his flowers were starting to grow)
How did Toad feel? (Excited)
What did Toad say about having a garden? (That it was hard work)



  1. You did a great job on this DRTA lesson plan. I liked the stopping points throughout the story.

  2. I was going to do this same chapter, but I just love cookies too much haha. Anywho, I really liked your lesson plan. It would really help students while reading it. Good job.

  3. This would be a great story to read in the process of doing a science lesson on plant growth. Kids love playing in the dirt. I think that growing a plant would be very rewarding.

  4. Good Lesson.

    Woody Trathen

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